Integrated Policy

NPC – NEW PRODUCTION CONCEPT SRL business model is to be an integrated supplier for prime contractors thoughts activity as development, suppling prototypes, pre-series and serial products, final test ,spare parts and after sale service.

Our focus is what we do to protect and prevent risks for the health of the employees and for environmental. As part of this commitment we are training our employee to be aware and responsible about environmental impacts related  to what we are doing daily. We follow existing legislation. Our commitment is to act to prevent pollution. Our largest, influence on the environment is our energy consumption and transports.

We are working mapping continuously all the issues related to the environmental, developing and action plan. We have an internal organization delegate to manage all environmental issues that also set targets for the continuous improvement.

NPC – NEW PRODUCTION CONCEPT SRL recognizes the continuing efforts to improve the quality and the preservation of environment, health and safety of workers as the strategic levers to achieve its Mission.  In this regard, Npc is committed to adopt and maintain a system of Integrated  Quality Management, Environment and Safety with UNI EN 9001, UNI  EN ISO 14001, OH SAS 18001 as guidelines, using the methods of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and Lean Production.


  • Compliance with the requirements applicable to its activities in relation to the quality of service provided and to the preservation of the health and safety  of workers.
  • Satisfaction of the customer needs and seek of a wider range of products and service , in close correlation to the constant verification of their expectations, and to keeping the focus on environmental issues and protection of health and safety of workers.
  • Continuous performance improvement (WCM optics) through an approach of increasing process efficiency , preferring to pursue adoption of best available technology economically achievable, dedicated to the production the information management process and related measures. All of this suitable for the reduction of the risks to health and safety of workers.
  • Communication and display of the police, of the goals and achievements in quality of the service, of the reducing process of the environmental impacts and risks to health and safety of workers to the internal employees and to all the stakeholders that have relationships with the organization.
  • Involvement and awareness of the organization’s employees through training and information programs and through initiatives, aimed at a growing “culture of quality” and at the environmental protection and safety at work.
  • Use of a qualified supply chain , checked with selection and rating criteria reliability of products and services offered, in terms of quality and highly involved in integrated policy in function of the goals set.
  • Prevention& and reduction of environmental impacts and risks to health and safety of workers , guaranteed by the action of a permanent working group dedicated to the promotion, the planning, the implementation and the effective monitoring of all the measures necessary and sufficient to be implemented, in armony with the policy.

The commitments contained in the policy will be reflected in the annual objectives of Quality, Safety and Environment, for the achievement of which the top management ensures the availability of human resources (requiring the commitment of all the staff in each area of responsibility), and strumental support.

The organization is committed to constantly monitoring the consistency and the pursuit of these commitments, through the output resulting from the planned audit , the performance measurement process chosen during  reviews of the Direction in relation to objectives and targets or otherwise whenever the contingent requirements make this necessary.

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