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What is Spacemind

Spacemind is aerospace division of the company with core business focused on research and development of products dedicated to space sector. The team is composed by Msc Aerospace Engineers with background in space technologies and experience in nanosatellite cubesat class missions.

Business idea

The business idea of Spacemind is to become a solution provider for nanosatellite applications. The synergy between the scientific competence of Spacemind and the supply competence of NPC is a key element to offer a complete package of solutions in aerospace applications, permitting to bring a scientific research to a commercial industrialized product and service.

Currently Spacemind is developing two important products, besides offering a wide range of services:

  • ARTICA: a plug and play deorbiting sail for Cubesat application.
  • MORAL: High performances ALT-AZ mount for 1m class telescope and pointing instrument.

Past and present Activities

Space debris mitigation studies:

  • Active debris removal concepts (ESA Rexus12)
  • Deorbiting technologies
  • Observation and detection campaign (ASI – UAI cooperation)

Cubesat subsystem development:

  • Structures
  • Deorbiting system

Cubesat missions:

  • QB 50 – URSAMAIOR 3U Cubesat (University of Rome “La Sapienza” cooperation)
  • CSDC – ELEONORA 3U Cubesat (Polytecnique of Montreal – Polyorbite cooperation)

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