• 2002

    In a span of 5 weeks NPC has started after an agreement with Tetra Pak Plastic Division. The company opened on the 15th of April 2002. Right after the Tetra Pak Blow Molding Spare Parts warehouse was moved from TORTONA to IMOLA and then two people were assigned with the task to manage and process the incoming orders.
  • 2003

    To fulfill the needs of the market during the 2003 we started to assemble and deliver the TP LFA20 (Linear Aseptic Filling Machine) providing also an all round service ranging from testing, installation on site and after sales/spare parts management.
  • 2004

    Throughout all the year we have intensively worked on the industrialization of the TP LFA20 engaging co-design and cost reduction activities.
  • 2005

    Mark the year of our first internally developed distribution equipment Fill Clip Applicator FCA50. Using the same approach of the previous projects we started to assembly and deliver the RFA40 (Rotary Filling Machines) providing the full package service, comprehensive of the testing, installation on site and after sales/spare parts management.
  • 2006

    We entered into the Packaging world by setting up an assembly line and start the production of the TP TBA19 modules. Furthermore we prepped up also a dedicated area for new customers and assembled two other machines:
    – Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Linea for Bencopak
    – Moulded Board Packaging Equipment for Pakit
  • 2007

    Stamp the year of the birth of our collaboration with the Sacmi group with the production of the CCM (continuous compression molding machine).
  • 2009

    Upgrading of the assembling lines due to the growth of the TP Modules family by adding to the production two new types:
    – TP TFA 3 superstructure
    – TP A3 Compact Flex superstructure
  • 2010

    Continuously working closely with our TETRA PAK counterparts we were able to add another member of the TP modules family to our production:
    – TP A3 SPEED superstructure
  • 2011

    In order to reduce consumptions and became self sufficient, therefore more eco-friendly, we have installed on the rooftop a solar panel system able to sustain the needs of our facility.
  • 2013

    Following our collaboration with Sacmi we started to deliver also the CCM48 machines.
  • 2014

    Thanks to a proficient meeting with with a team of students leading start up ideas on nano-satellite applications we discover a new blue ocean. What follows has been the first step for the creation of the a new space dedicated division: SPACEMIND.
  • 2015

    After been already involved on the assembly of some groups, we started to supply the complete CBF Compression Blow Forming machine for Sacmi. Our drive is always to expand our client portfolio and in light of that we have began to work with Infinity italia providing groups and spare parts.
  • 2016

    Ct pack: We have started the production of groups and complete machines
    Building up a business relation.
  • 2017

    ARTICA: The first product developed by the SPACEMIND division has been successfully deployed in space.
    In order to face the market new challenges we have worked alongside Tetra Pak on the production of a next generation series of modules. Assembling and testing the prototypes and the early releases.
  • 2018

    1kuns: the first Kenyan satellite developed by SPACEMIND and the University “La Sapienza” has been delivered in space from the JAXA’s KIBO module on the ISS. An Historic achievement that we are honored to have been part of.